Monday, April 14, 2008

Monster Job Gave You a Car, Now Get Your Insurance

You have your monster job. You are so happy and you got yourself a new car! Congratulations to you! What to do next? Well aside from continuing working hard so you can pay the loan you availed for that car, you can also get additional monsters jobs to free your self from debts faster. More importantly you need to secure and auto insurance.

Auto insurance is a necessity to every car owner. It is not because we are praying that you will be involved in a kind of accident anytime soon. Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You don’t know when will you need an auto insurance, and more often than not, realization of the need of such insurance happens to late. That means you and you’re car are already under a big problem.

Finding the right auto insurance should be a breeze these days. A number of online agencies can suggest to you left and right as to which insurance company should you partner with. An example of this is the The name itself sounds trustworthy, and true enough, they showcase a very large database of auto insurance company in different places. In fact, one click and you can easily choose from a roster of available auto insurance companies for you.

You Need Credit Card for Online Transactions Including Online Monster Jobs

Doing online business is not possible without credit cards. So if you’re a type of person who has this certain phobia over the PVC card with magnetic stripes, then you shouldn’t breathe the internet.

Making online purchases, bidding, auctioning, selling and even having a monster job online will not be possible if you don’t have credit cards of at least its counterparts. The trade tide now is to do businesses electronically. Checks, CoDs and door to door money transfers are almost gone. Electronic transfer is of course way too faster that the conventional way and so it is not a wonder why this new way of money transferring easily proliferated over the past few years.

Today, it is as if you don’t exist if you don’t have a credit card. Funny as it may sound but this is actually the truth. How many online services can you not avail of if you don’t have a credit card? Credit cards are now even being used to identify yourself, especially if you are making transactions involving large amounts of money, like loan and large purchases.

This is why sites that help you choose your credit cards come in handy. They offer rated reviews on credit cards companies, allowing you to make an educated choice!

Mortgage and Monster Jobs

If you are spending money faster than you are gaining it, then you have a big problem. Maybe the monster job that you have is not a monster at all. And obviously you are doing something wrong. Now identifying what’s wrong in your act is not the point of this blog post. This is intended to bring a solution to that problem.

Seeking a mortgage has long been the solution for this problem. Your parents, your neighbours, your relatives, your friend, everybody you know once in their lifetime availed themselves of mortgages (or least entertained the thought of). They did this not for a wrong reason. And so I’m not going to teach how to do a different thing. Instead, I will teach you how to seek mortgage, the easiest and most secured way.

Mortgage Finders Network offers one of the largest portals to the mortgage industry. It can show point you in the right direction. It also offers tips and guides on how to secure a good mortgage. There are a number of well written and comprehensive articles that will teach you the basic tools of the trade. If your monster job left you, you can hope that this site will not!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monster Jobs Fail, Get a PayDay Loan

Money, money, money – this is what concerns most of us nowadays. Freedom from debt is now a quest that many longs for. Even if you have a high paying job, there is no guarantee that you will not suffer from cash shortage.

It may not be new to you how pressuring debts deadlines can be. It is killing you. Every second that the deadline draws nearer, feels like your time is about to get over.

In my years of internet existence, I have come across several ways to solve this problem. You can either stop using your money, which is impossible if you want your life to continue and the other, you can start saving your self from troubles by using payday loans.

Payday loans service allows you to manage money by helping you borrow money in a form of loan. Loans often tingles a negative effect on people’s ear because of the wrong belief that payday loan service will eat their salary up. That is not true as there are some payday loan services that could help you in your financial need.

Do you need money for your brother’s tuition? Do you need money to get yourself or your love ones treated in the hospital? Is the bank hungry to own your house under mortgage? Is that salary from your monster jobs doesn’t do you much good? Well if you answer yes to any of those questions, then there is no doubt that you should take the hand of a cash advance service.

An example of this is the trustsource, the name itself suggests that you should trust them. And I think you should, they are backed up with high finances and feedbacks about them are really positive. Don’t suffer long for your loan problems, avail yourself of some payday loans now!

Monday, March 24, 2008

How to Have the Web Hosting Perfect for your Monster Jobs Driven Site or Blog

In an era of blogs and websites dominate the face of the internet, one has to know how to market his ideas, professional service and even businesses in a professional and “it” way.

One can clearly see how blogs and different kinds of websites altered the way we communicate and interact with people. That is why if you want to go hip and popular and to benefit from it – establishing your own blog or website is the way to go.

There are few free web hosting services out there that promises to help you on this call. Servers that supposedly will make you achieve goals thru the internet.

Marketing yourself or your product thru websites and blogs is a feat that is not hard to accomplish. That is if you have a good web hosting. Thus, free servers of course are not the best option for you.

I remember putting up a site, and hosting it in free servers. That is before I was able to land a monster job in the internet. Not only that they put advertisements on my webpage, which by the way are really an eyesore, they also rendered an unstable hosting of my site. And that didn’t make me or my visitors happy and satisfied.

There are a couple of factors that you need to consider in choosing your web hosting. To top the list is its uptime availability. A server that is always down and inaccessible is of course useless. It is a waste of time, money and effort. Not to mention the problems that a down server may bring.

Another factor to consider is the storage provided. Choose one that will meet your requirements. Different sites need different storage capacity of course. The more video and image extensive the website is the number of bytes it will eat up.

Then there is bandwidth to consider for the number of visitors you are expecting. The programs that the server would allow to run should also be considered.

Choosing your web hosting is like choosing your future. Like how you of course would prefer monster jobs over low-paying jobs, you want the best web hosting services available. That’s why when I look for web hosting services, I look for reviews and tips from other established and known websites.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help and Earn thru Payday Cash Advance

Have you ever tried looking for a payday cash advance? There is a good chance that you haven’t. But at least, you must have heard how hard it is to avail a payday cash advance, particularly if you don’t have monster jobs that can back up that request.

Most loan companies always want to be sure that their clients can really pay the money that they borrow. Who will not anyway? There are too few charities in the world, and none of them was established with the word cash advance in mind.

Over the decades, payday cash advance system has changed. From a slow, almost non-profiting endeavor to a highly organized business system were people short of cash finds a shoulder to lean on. Thus they every case benefits both parties with a perfect win-win situation.

But recently, applying for payday cash advance is becoming a lot harder that it is supposed to be. The reason you want to have a cash advance is that you don’t have those monster jobs that many just dream about, or you may just be in need of money. When a person needs help, you help him. You don’t try to delay and spoil his desire of aid by getting him through tedious hardship of application process.

Luckily, there are few agencies who can guarantee payday cash advance without that much hassle. They retain the very essence of lending companies that is to help and earn while doing business.

Car Insurance Will Kill the Monster in Your Life

What comes into your mind upon seeing this car? Fear? Terror? Or Panic?

I think you shouldn’t dwell so much on those emotions. You should check your auto insurance instead.

How satisfied and sure are you with that car insurance company? You may need to restudy your situation, before you figuratively run out of gas.

I can’t tell you so much about how important car insurance and car insurance quotes are. That picture tells you more than I can do.

There are still people who think that they can get away without having any car insurance. That’s the worst philosophy that a car owner can have. Not to put those people in bad light, but in today’s times when accidents, whether small or big happen like the rising and setting of the sun, insurance is a must!

But there are numerous insurance companies that offer almost all the same benefits and coverage agreement. The thing to do now is to find the best among them. Because if you don’t you might be failing yourself the moment you accept to their car insurance quotes

A one straight advice that a car owner can give you is this: Find a portal where all these good car insurance quotes experts merge. That is the only way to find the right insurance partner, who can drive you home safely and worry-free.

Pay Day Loans on a Monster Jobs Pay Day

We all love the pay day. Whether it is in the end of the month, the end of the week, middle of the month or whichever day, we all love hearing the grand day. Who cares about the date anyway, we are all waiting for the day that our hard labor will be paid – literally.

Monster jobs give the best pays of course. That’s a given, but not every one of us got a monster job to be proud of. Most of us have even a paycheck we don’t want our neighbor seeing (that includes your college rival whom you thought would never get a good and decent work). Then what’s in store for us? I say pay day loans!

pay day loans are among the many services that a good working individual can avail. Imagine having 10 times more amount of cash right in your hands on your pay day? You can do a lot of good things with that – raise a business, be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted, pay for that graduate school tuition. The possibilities are endless, all because you had the courage to apply for pay day loans.

Some sites even offer 1,500 US$ instant pay day loans. Now that’s a lot of money, right? So if I were, I wouldn’t even wait for my pay day to come, I will grad that pay day loan, now!

Got a Paycheck? Now Get an Auto Loan

Fast, furious and mean – that’s the type of ride that I personally want. But what comes with the roaring machine, and lightning speed of a very good car? Its price is often way above any member in your league can afford. Unless of course you guys have good monster jobs that really pays well or you can try to have an auto loan.

But since you are reading this article, I supposed you don’t (yet). Well you can work your way to having that dream car of yours. See that chick next door? She only rides a good top down class. She wouldn’t take for a long walk or sway in the transit system. She wants you to have a car!

You can get a monster job, the one that will really get you a car rolling under your hands. Try to find that blue collar job with car incentives. Of course that will be a problem if you already have a good monster job that you really like. And what if you’re not the blue collar type of person? That’s another problem.

Now let’s end talking about problems. Here’s the solution: auto loan. That’s right, you can borrow money to pay for that dream car of yours and ride your way to success! There are a few auto loan institutions that can help you choose and decide the best road to take. It’s just a matter of crossing the intersection. One you passed the road, all will be a smooth ride!

Drowning from Monster Jobs? Consolidate your Debt Online

Alas! Debt problem is a level easier. How? By finding help from online dept consolidation services! If you’ve wanted to shout no debt today, no debt today, well today might just be your luckiest day.

There is an online service that promises to remove you of your debts. Not that they will pay for it (you will still for it of course), but through their help, you will be able to pay it, right before you know it.

One problem about having debts is the fact that you can’t seem to remove them from your life. It’s like your mother-in-law nagging to you. It’s like your freaky boss watching your every move. It’s like your grade school large bully guy who takes you lunch every day. Get the picture? Do I need to tell you more about how annoying these debts are?

The key to removing your debts is management. This online debt consolidation system can give you that. Management is the key. And just like in the case of having your monster jobs, debt consolidation is no different.

Words will not be enough of course. You need professionals and people who really know what to do with debts and how you can accomplish being debt free in a very short time. They all have that. So now is the time for you to avail yourself of that online debt consolidation. Go on now and be free of debts.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lost Your Monster Jobs? Try a Cash Advance

Even if you already have those monsters jobs that you’ve always dreamt of, there are some circumstances that you may not be able to control. Fate works in mysterious ways. Emergencies, monetary problems and financial instability may soon arise. And what’s even more bothering is that when these things come, you are at most unprepared.

One good way to get out of this mess in short finances is to get cash advance. Doing so on the other hand is not that easy. There are documents, paper works, bureaucracy that you need to go over to. Good thing there are faxless cash advance that you can find over the internet. These lending institutions give you the help you need in the shortest time possible.

You know very well that financial problem is a type of trouble that you want solved as fast and easy as possible. Confronting with the problem is one thing, and confronting the problems and hindrances of finding a solution is another. And in most cases, the latter seems to be more traumatic than the first.

Faxless cash advance can help you solve your short term monetary difficulties. Moreover, they concentrate on not forcing individuals and clients to ask for a refinance. Many cash advance agencies take advantage of the ill-fated situation that few monster jobs seekers drown into. And that is one you don’t want to happen in yourself.

Monster Jobs That Rule the Planet: Rank 5-1

This is the promised continuation of my previous post about the monster jobs with high satisfaction rating!

Number 5: College Professors - Communications
Rating: 79.2

Language is a powerful tool that many wish to learn. And the professionals who teach how to master this tool live with pride in sharing their knowledge. What can be more rewarding and satisfying that speaking your way to practicing your job.

Number 4: Pediatricians - General
Rating: 80.0

People who love kids seem to find a great gratification and contentment in pediatrics. The sweet innocent look of each child that they cure and help give them angelic smile that not other jobs can give. It’s saving the lives or health at least of many kids that makes this one of the monster jobs, truly rewarding.

Number 3: Aircraft Assemblers - Structure, Surfaces, Rigging & Systems
Rating: 83.3

Do you want to fly? There’s a great possibility that you will answer yes. With that, you can be a pilot, a skydiver, a parachute, or a simple freefall artist. Still, there are some who wants to see flight, but don’t necessarily want to be with it. Like the monster jobs of aircraft assemblers. They just want to see the sky moving with their creations. It’s like flying a kite, turned real big time!

Number 2: Municipal Fire Fighters
Rating: 90.0

Remember the movie Ladder 49 by John Travolta? That was a one inspiring and moving film, right? Now imagine being John Travolta on that movie, or at least the other firefighters? How would you feel when the whole world looks at you as a hero? That is more than any man could ask for!

Number 1: Singers
Rating: 91.7

And la – la – la – la! This is a surprise to me (I thought Actor/Actress will top the list, this is close anyway). Imagine fame, glory and money! Who doesn’t like those? There is really no need to explain this thing. Doing so will be like singing an off-tuned a capella. This tops the list of our monster jobs with highest rating, and that roars melodically.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monster jobs That Rule the Planet: Rank 10-6

Number 10: Therapists
Rating: 77.1

Occupational therapists, physical therapists and other kinds of clinical therapists are among the many monster jobs that many regard highly. They are the foundation of the medical health care system, and thus deserve good compensation. They are actually considered to be some of the highest paying jobs today. Won’t it be satisfying to help and earn at the same time?

Number 9: College Instructors
Rating: 77.3

Some people just love to teach. It is a gift I think. Being a college instructor is one good job that is satisfying because you continually share knowledge and ideas. In turn, you also learn. And there is continual growth of one’s character. This monster job surely keeps the intelligent and patient geeks in their prime!

Number 8: Criminal Investigators & Special Agents
Rating: 77.5

They rock! Ever watched the CSI: New York TV series? Their work is as exciting as it was portrayed in television – or even more. And what comes with the danger of this top monster job? What else but a satisfaction that equates good pay, and good rating.

Number 7: Managers/Supervisors of Animal Husbandry & Animal Care Workers
Rating 78.6

Animals are always interesting, and so the monster jobs that surround them. Supervisors and Managers of Animal Husbandry looks to the “humane appeal” of working with animals. Great satisfaction comes when you have a certain connection with impeccable beings and Mother Nature itself.

Number 6: Educational, Vocational & School Counselors
Rating 78.8

Getting tips and guides as to the career and monster job path that you will choice is crucial yet very interesting. Imagine yourself having a say to the future of many individuals. That is one of the many monster jobs that puts a lot of pressure and responsibility at the same time.

I will feature the monster jobs that ranked 5-1 in terms of satisfaction rating on my next post.

Why U.S. Lost 63,000 High Paying Jobs Last Month

The great US, first world country, lose jobs for its people at such a high number in only a month! That is strange right?

You might think that I am kidding you. Truth is I’m not. And another truth, that country is undergoing a recession – a big time recession!

Now I don’t want to talk about plain statistics, no body wants that. Instead I will share what experts believe to have caused this.

  1. Weakening Job Market – few people are actually looking for work
  2. Lower Value of Homes – there are simply too many houses in America, and as you may already know, houses are liquid assets, they have value but their value doesn’t contribute to the economy
  3. High fuel costs – blame the previous war in the Middle East? Too late for that. Other factors may also be considered as to why the price of fuel is too high, but this post will not cover that.
  4. Strict Lending Rules – there are mortgages and bank loans, but how are you going to pay for that? People cannot and so their assets are liquidated. Frozen assets, and there is no tangible and circulating money in frozen assets.
  5. Slow Consumer Spending – people are trying to tighten their belts, and when they do, economy will have to fit on an extra small sized shirt!

Now tell me, what will you do with your high paying jobs because of this incident?

What To Do If You Lost A High Paying Job And Gained Some Bad Credit Loans

Your highest paying jobs failed you! It’s heaven against hell. You don’t know what happened, or even if you do, you can’t seem to accept it.

What’s done is done. So, what’s next? Should you exile yourself? Should you commit suicide? Should you let yourself die in since all lady luck hated you so bad that you thought you will never be able to get up?

I say no. Seek help.

When you are broke, it seems that the world hates you – that includes your unworthy friends, family members that you want to disown, and even credit lines.

The most painful for me if you ask me is being hated by the credit lines. Why? Whatever you and your friends or family members had in the past, it can be erased with the magical ways of forgiving, love and understanding. But that will not work with credit lines. And why credit lines would hate you in the first place? Three words: bad credit loans.

bad credit loans can kill you and your future. Imagine being broke and have no where to run or hide. Good thing there are some people who can help you with your bad credit loans.

These people will help you recover from that financial trouble (much like having your name back with a high paying job). These people will help you with your house loan and auto loans. And then you can finally thank god, that you are not alone (not that rhymes good).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

City Workers' Destiny is to have a Shopping Cart Software

In my quest to better my online experience after exhausting my self with high paying jobs, I decided I should do my shopping spree again! And there’s no better way to do it than find good shopping cart software!

Imagine you, with all the money you earned from high paying jobs will be spent on a well planned and well deserved online shopping! But wait, before you drool and your eyes fancy on the products that you will buy, you should first do a little research on the ecommerce software that you are going to use, particularly the shopping cart software.

I encountered this called ashopcommerce… the name itself speaks for what it can provide. This site redefines the concept of shopping cart in the most exciting and friendly way. Perhaps one of the most important things to highlight in this ecommerce software site is the 10 day free trial that they are offering. Not many sites showcase that generosity. There is also also a very friendly and efficient live support tool that users can access.

But this service is not for people who want to spend their hard-earn high paying jobs money. This can also open a good business opportunity, and high paying jobs to other people as one can establish her online store with the shopping cart software! So whether you want to spend or you want to earn – this site is definitely for you!

No Highest Paying Jobs? Try to Blog for Money

You have been looking for those high paying jobs that you want. You have wanted those high paying jobs that will guarantee your financial future. But lady luck is not in your side, you haven’t found what you want.

Instead you throw yourself being online. You found internet to be your only friend. Chatting, surfing and blogging – these are just the things that drive and keep you motivated.

But why stop with blogging as a means of expressing your emotions, when you can get paid for blogging? That is write, if you can do other things for money, why can’t you blog for money?

I’m pretty sure you already heard get paid to blog services and blog advertising. The concept and magic blog advertising is not entirely new. Opportunities seem to be limitless. This is a great way to make money online. There are no heavy requirements, no unnecessary degrees. You can even be a computer noob and still be able to blog for money. New eras of people who breathe the internet have established a good practical goal – to blog for money. If you are an advertiser who want his website or product to be promoted or if you are a blogger who wants to know how to blog for money, smorty is just the place you may be looking for!

Done With Your High Paying Jobs? Grab a Shopping Cart Now!

I had a good day – a very good and rich day! I just got from some of my highest paying jobs online. I have been a writer, editor and television producer for quite some time. But this time I choose to be a shopper! That’s right, today I am going to be the king of the shopping!

But where will I start to shop? Should I go to traditional malls and find the first shopping cart that I will see? I don’t want to get consumed by traffic. I don’t want to tire myself either. Should I hire someone to do the shopping for me? Now where is the fun in that!?

Then I decided that I should just shop online. There is one online shopping cart that I can trust anyway. This site boasts many qualities as to why they provide the best ecommerce software. They are affordable and easy to use. They have outstanding technical support and customer service. They even have a good connection with search engines. Their design is customizable and without restrictions. But that is not the best part yet, this shopping cart online provides a very great shopping cart software through their dubbed “total solution” program!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feed Hired on Highest Paying Jobs Blog

A web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. Making a collection of web feeds accessible in one spot is known as aggregation, which is performed by an Internet aggregator. A web feed is also sometimes referred to as a syndicated feed.

That thing is according to wikipedia. But I will put it in short and simple terms. You may be busy looking for those highest paying jobs that you want, and I don’t to eat up your precious time. Simply put, feeds will ease up your life. And through that you can get updates, news, job opportunities, straight to your mailbox! That’s right! Whether it is yahoo or google, or any email account that you have, just enter it on the box this box (this is the same box that appears on the top-right of this highest paying jobs blog):

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

Just click the link on the email that you will immediately receive. That is a confirmation email. After that you can consider yourself lucky since you will be now receiving updates, tips, guides, job opportunities to help you get those highest paying jobs!

New Skin for the Highest Paying Jobs Blog

Your best resource about the highest paying jobs just got pimped! Notice the new layout? This I think is more professional that the last one. I didn’t even bother to take a screenshot of it. And don't ask me why.

So for now, enjoy the new look of this blog and enjoy reading all the good stuffs that will help you get those highest paying jobs that you’ve always wanted!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Try Slots Online If You're Tired of High Paying Jobs

Whenever I become bored looking for a new high paying job, I just sit in front of my laptop and surf the net. I would usually look for slots online where I can bet money I earned from my previous high paying job!

Satisfaction from playing this kind of games online seems to be unexplainable. Some say you enjoy it because of the thrill, others just for the plain feeling of getting lucky.

No matter what they say I enjoyed every moment I spent in slots online. The design of the website I am visiting is quite alright too. There is no useless information; the guide is beginner friendly too! If you haven’t play online slots before, this is where you should start with. But this collection of sites isn’t catered only for the amateurs. Even experienced and senior players can still get the same fun that they want. Or even more! So if you’re tired of looking for a high paying job, maybe you want to try what I do if I’m not working on my high paying job!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Online Casino Gives More Instant Bonus than a High Paying Job

You will surely find joy if you are looking for an online casino where you can play with confidence and ease! Virtual casino has never been this friendly and this good! Even I was attracted to its simple website design and the fact that they offer $808 welcome bonus for new players who want to casino games. Not even someone with high paying jobs can get $808 for free!

Dangerous Cracks in High Paying Job Market

Alarming news hit me while browsing the internet business sites! In a span of five years, employers in United States never cut their labor force – not until recently.

According to Labor Department’s report, employers removed jobs nationwide. During February they chopped their employee list by 63,000, and what’s worse is that this number increases a lot from 22,000 in January.

Imagine how many families will suffer because of that!

Expert vividly described this incident as a dangerous crack in the job market, and I think it is no more than problem that the government has to solve if it wants to retain confidence from its people!

Recession Cuts High Paying Jobs

I read this sad news on yahoo about the huge cut on high paying jobs and regular paying jobs in the United States.

I thought that if that is happening on a superpower and one of the richest countries in the world, what more on a third world country like where I live? Existence of high paying jobs, or of any jobs seem to be futile!

US marketers attribute this to the on going recession, and they have no idea on how long and how deep this economic injury will be. Now I can imagine how many high paying jobs will be gone!

Online Casino Gives High Paying Job on Webmaster!

Attractive and glamorous, these are the first few things that will come into your mind once you see website of this online casino. The combination of red, yellow and gold simply puts gives design and class to online gambling. It even have translation links for non-english speaking visitors!

Casino online companies these days provide the highest paying jobs in their genre. This website’s classy design should have required them to hire a good webmaster and give him his best paying job!

Highest Paying Job from SunPower

SunPower Philippines Mfg. Limited (SPML), a branch of SunPower Corp, U.S.A. is a majority owned subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor . SPML is the FIRST WAFER FAB in the Philippines to manufacture ultra-high efficiency silicon solar cells. SunPower's unique technology is also being applied to the manufacture of a wide range of leading-edge silicon opto-electronic devices for telecommunications and industrial applications.

We seek highly motivated individuals who will be part of our pre-opening team to achieve our vision to be THE PV CAPITAL of
ASIA. We have URGENT requirements for the following positions:

High Paying Jobs Responsibilities:

  • Assist with developing and implementing marketing programs, special initiatives and lead generation programs
  • Provide general marketing support to the Hiring Manager and the marketing team
  • Assist with Graphic Layout and Design of VAR and Dealer network print material development
  • Work closely with VAR Marketing Team, vendors, fulfillment house, printers and other content suppliers to ensure quality and continuity of finished products
  • Accept input on corporate identity, branding, marketing and integration concepts
  • Execute across a high volume of direct mail projects with time sensitive deadlines

High Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
  • Required skill(s): American English Proficiency, Night Shift Adaptability, MAC programs expert.
  • Preferred skill(s): graphic design expertise, Dynamic, Excellent Computer Skills.
  • Required language(s): English.
  • At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Sta. Rosa.
  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
  • Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design or equivalent.
  • Full-Time positions available.

Sunpower Philippines Manufacturing Ltd.
100 East Main Ave., Laguna Technopark Sta. Rosa, Philippines

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Grew Up in Gambling

I think one of the major niches that are flourishing in the cyber arena is the gambling world. Casinos, poker, mahjong and others have transgressed the colorful lights of Las Vegas. Pushing you luck against these games has became an unwavering culture throughout the world.

The house always wins! That is a rule that I have been brought up to. Being a child who was born in an urban place where people breathe jueteng (Wikipedia: a local game played which is illegal and played in the Philippines wherein there is a large number of wagers, and there is no limit to the amount of the bet(s). Usually the gambler selects two numbers from 1 through 37, and the winning numbers are determined by selecting a pair of numbers from a set of 37 numbered balls) I have a different look at gambling in general.

I see it as life itself. People literally live on and because of it. Online gambling and online casino is no different from this. There people who live online, and on gambling alone.

While others are so addicted to downloading videos, listening to music, playing an online game 24/7, there are these people who play a different game. And instead of them having programs that run wild, they have online casino sites that make their blood rush free!

I have a different look at gambling because I know it and not because I play it. People fear or hate what they do not know. And if you hate gambling in general, take online casino for instance, maybe you just need to understand it, not necessarily play it. Maybe just for the sake of giving your self some information – and that is something you owe to yourself. On second thought, can actually bet on these words!

My Friend Traded His Highest Paying Job

I can’t believe my friend lost his one of his highest paying jobs due to this new addiction that he is into. And I really mean one of his many jobs because he is an internet marketer, internet advertiser and web publisher. That a total of three jobs to boast around!

Anyway, he said that it was an accident on his part to stumble this online casino site, and that he felt a certain clinging on the game the moment he looks upon it. He is not a natural gambler, nor someone who would be easily attracted to the elements of playing with chance and luck. But somehow, the site hit him. And so started his game, not only with cards but with his high paying job as well!

I almost wanted to kill him. This is after I learned that he lost his web publishing job for not being able to put up three websites because he has been playing online casino for quite some time.

He showed me the website, so I went to take a look at it. The site was simple, very casino-like if I may say it, then I noticed these reviews about online casino and I knew that moment, these are the things the invited him. I know him very well and I’m certain how good words can attract him.

Anyway, I was about to go to his house to personally tell him to quit playing until I received an instant message from him saying that he just won big time. Well I just hope he will always win, after all it’s his life that’s at stake.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Online casino instead of high paying jobs?

Let’s face it, gambling is anywhere. It is not something the church nor the government and NGOs can deny. They will not anyway, I know in some instance, they earn from it.

Gambling is present everywhere. From the raw and urban streets of a third world country like the Philippines, to a high-end district in China, to the grand casinos of Los Angeles, gambling seeks those who seek wealth and money.

Sometimes, instead people will look for high paying jobs, or any job for that matter, they tend to rely on their so-called luck on gambling.

It takes some degree of immaculate luck or an unexplainable of level of expertise, for you to really win and earn in gambling. I’ve heard stories, and these are not rumors, there are really few people, very few people who found their fortune through gambling. Of course, these are really newsworthy and extraordinary cases. The only thing that is guaranteed is that the house always, and will always win.

In any case if you can’t find a high paying job that you want in this blog, you can try playing casino instead, but first I think you should see an casino online review website. That might help you a little bit.

I once read that certain games in casino can really be studied. Permutations, chances, probability, and numbers – all these terms will ring a bell to a any grade school who hates or likes math. Who knows, if you like math, maybe you have a chance to unlock its secrets – you then quit your high paying job as a mathematician if you know what I mean!

As for me, I’ve only been to a casino three times in my life, and I won quite a few! Lucky me, eh?!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Firm Develops Highest Paying Jobs Training Program

The Total Transcription Solutions Inc. (TTSI), a company that offers the highest paying jobs in the metro is now developing online on-the-job simulation program for medical transcriptionists.

As we all know, having a work as a medical transcriptionists job is among the best and highest paying jobs that one could get. Not only that this work offers the highest pay, this work also offers a large amount of opportunity for a lot of people – talk about the demand of such professionalism in the market.

Oscar Sanez, president of the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) said that they eye to give this highest paying job opportunity as well as other high and best paying jobs to the Philippine job hunters’ pool – all of which are aiming to get those highest paying jobs!

Details of this program is quite complex, not too much for something that is focused to increase the efficiency of workers who have the highest paying job!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogger Buzz: Make Your Own Blogger Widgets

Blogger Buzz: Make Your Own Blogger Widgets

If you guys have a blog, why don't you experiment on this feature! Of course do that after you get hired on the highest paying jobs that you really want! Ciao!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Highest Paying Jobs Opportunity - Folded and Hung

Folded & Hung

Adenip Incorporated is one of the most dynamic and promising apparel corporations in the country. It owns and manages the brand name, Folded & Hung, which has become one of the leading fashion brands of today. Due to its impact and positive influence in the current fashion scene, the F and H label has been identified with a sense of style that is modern, fresh, well-designed and individualistic.

From a relatively small home-based business in 1998, Adenip Incorporated has grown to be a respected corporation that has currently 33 company owned Stores and 8 Franchise Stores like:
Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro. From a single proprietorship venture a few years ago, the company presently employs over 300 well-trained and highly qualified personnel who are committed to product and service excellence. The presence of the F and H brand name in Metro Manila's major malls is the result of this well-known success story. Despite the challenges of the country's economic unpredictability, Adenip Incorporated is proud to have a stable growth pattern as exhibited in its expansion and constant increase in market strength. Therefore, the promise of further business growth (and greater revenue generation) is made very clear and attainable due to the marketability of the Folded & Hung label. Adenip Incorporated is an aggressive company determined to meet the demands of a growing fashion industry in a highly competitive business environment.

Visual Merchandiser

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Preferably male, not more than 35 years old
  • With relevant work experience
  • Can design and execute creative visuals, windows and POP’s
  • Can conceptualize, design and implement window and in-store displays

Interested highest paying jobs applicants may forward there Resume at our
Head Highest Paying Jobs office: #1225 Quezon Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: 374-1001 to 05
Email address for this highest paying jobs:

Product Development Highest Paying Jobs officer

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Male or Female, 22 to 30 years old
  • College degree in Fashion Design, Clothing Technology or its related field
  • 1 to 3 years work experience gained in a retail industry
  • Can design and has the ability to execute fashionable and creative designs
  • Proficient in leading graphic design software

Interested highest paying jobs applicants my forward there Resume at our
Head Highest Paying Jobs office: #1225 Quezon Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: 374-1001 to 05
Email address for this highest paying jobs:

Highest Paying Jobs: Web Designer

Highest Paying Jobs Responsibilities:

  • Provide creative design and editing services for the company's various corporate communications, advertising, sales support and special project Highest Paying Jobs Requirements.
  • Conceptualize and design collateral, art and other Highest Paying Jobs Requirements.
  • Support website development and multimedia collateral.
  • Provide flexible solutions in support of the needs of the Company by using specialize skills and knowledge in graphic drawing and design, web technology and multimedia development.

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Advertising/Media or equivalent.
  • Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Highest Paying Jobs Employees specializing in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design/Web Design or equivalent.
  • Proficiency in Freehand, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, In Design and ability to do formatting in MSWord and Power Point.
  • Knowledge in Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, Javascript and CSS is a plus.
  • Proficient in web design/web programming, sketches, animations.
  • Strong illustration skills and experience in using illustrations for animations.
  • Solid grasp of graphic and web design principles.
  • Can work with minimal supervision.
  • Can do animations, sketches aside from picture editing.
  • Must have an existing animated/interactive web site and on-line portfolio (link to personal website or sample of web design/websites created must be provided)

Send resume with 2x2 photo & links to your personal website and sample of websites created to: or

Salcedo Towers, H.V. Dela Costa St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines, National Capital Region

10F Salcedo Towers HV dela Costa Salcedo village
Makati City, Philippines

Highest Paying Jobs: Senior Graphic Specialist

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
  • Required skill(s): Adobe Photoshop, flash, dreamweaver.
  • Preferred skill(s): HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • At least 3 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Highest paying jobs applicants must be willing to work in Lapu Lapu City, Philippines.
  • Highest paying jobs applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
  • Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Highest Paying Jobs Employees specializing in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design or equivalent.
  • Full-Time positions available.

Human Resource Department
One Hollywood Blvd.
Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park
6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
Cebu, Philippines
visits :

Bigfoot Entertainment Ltd.
One Hollywood Blvd. Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park Lapu Lapu City, Philippines 6015.

Bigfoot Entertainment is a fully integrated entertainment company specializing in four different areas; production (Bigfoot Productions), professional training (International Academy of Film and Television), production services (Bigfoot Production Services) and film financing (Bigfoot Partners). With newly constructed world-class production and post facilities in Southeast Asia, Bigfoot Entertainment produces quality independent feature films, television programming and educational content for international audiences.

Highest Paying Jobs: Documentation Specialist

Highest Paying Jobs Responsibilities:

  • Prepare documentation for a variety of audiences
  • Develop user manuals and training materials (print and online) for students and educators at all levels
  • Develop marketing materials for wide distribution, including articles and information on the company web site, scripts for online demos and videos, and flyers for mail distribution
  • Organizes documents for efficient use by Highest Paying Jobs office staff and customers
  • Create forms and templates to provide consistency in the documentation
  • Assist with review and testing of software products

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with extensive writing experience
  • Minimum 1 year experience in web-based products and has an existing portfolio online
  • Proficiency in MS Word, Power Point, Visio (or other graphics program), HTML
  • Strong written English skills
  • Ability to use and comprehend software at a proficient user level
  • Knowledge of style template management, revision and change control
  • Excellent organization and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and solve problems
  • Willingness to learn
  • Highest Paying Jobs team Player
  • Highest paying jobs applicants must be willing to work in Makati City, Philippines
  • Willing to work in a flexible schedule (evenings and weekends)
  • Active Philippine passport, a plus

Regular full-time and contractual positions available.

Salary will be commensurate with highest paying jobs applicant’s experience.
Please apply online. Send a resume and cover letter via e-mail to Interviews will start on
February 5, 2008.

BrightIdeas Information Technology Solutions (BITS) is a new technology-based company that develops web-based highest paying jobs applications to enhance and support leading educational technology organizations based in the USA.

BITS offers excellent benefits, competitive salary, and career advancement to people who are highly motivated and result-oriented. We are looking for candidates to join our Highest Paying Jobs team.

Highest Paying Jobs: Product Development Manager/Designer

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Male or female, 22 to 35 years old
  • Graduate of Fashion Design, Clothing Technology or any relevant course
  • Minimum 1 to 3 years creative experience in fashion related industry plus 2 or more years of supervisory experience
  • Knowledgeable in apparel, fabrics and accessories
  • Must have commendable skills in design, lay-out and people handling
  • Strong background in product sourcing and product handling
  • Proficient in leading graphic design software
  • Possess initiative and keen attention to details

Interested highest paying jobs applicants may forward there Resume at our
Head Highest Paying Jobs office: #1225 Quezon Ave., Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: 374-1001 to 05
Email address for this highest paying jobs:

Folded & Hung

Adenip Incorporated is one of the most dynamic and promising apparel corporations in the country. It owns and manages the brand name, Folded & Hung, which has become one of the leading fashion brands of today. Due to its impact and positive influence in the current fashion scene, the F and H label has been identified with a sense of style that is modern, fresh, well-designed and individualistic.

From a relatively small home-based business in 1998, Adenip Incorporated has grown to be a respected corporation that has currently 33 company owned Stores and 8 Franchise Stores like:
Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro. From a single proprietorship venture a few years ago, the company presently employs over 300 well-trained and highly qualified personnel who are committed to product and service excellence. The presence of the F and H brand name in Metro Manila's major malls is the result of this well-known success story. Despite the challenges of the country's economic unpredictability, Adenip Incorporated is proud to have a stable growth pattern as exhibited in its expansion and constant increase in market strength. Therefore, the promise of further business growth (and greater revenue generation) is made very clear and attainable due to the marketability of the Folded & Hung label. Adenip Incorporated is an aggressive company determined to meet the demands of a growing fashion industry in a highly competitive business environment.

Highest Paying Jobs: Brand Merchandiser

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • Have the fun and creative highest paying jobs opportunity to make a difference in building a brand!
  • Loves fashion and knows current trends in ladieswear
  • Extremely creative & passionate about clothes
  • Highly resourceful in all situations
  • Will be involved in design dev't & retail merchandising
  • With at least 2-3 years work experience in retail or merchandising
  • With experience or exposure in store operations & inventory management an advantage
  • Mature, with leadership capabilities & strong organizational skills
  • Female, with course/s in Fine Arts, Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Arts, Fashion Design, Management and related courses

Join us! You will have a chance to work with a young dynamic Highest Paying Jobs team & make a difference in our brands!

Ocampo Sr. St. (Vito Cruz) Malate Manila
Tels #: 525-3593 / 523-0957 Fax # 521-3671
Email address for this highest paying jobs:

Elite Garments International Inc.
996 P. Ocampo St. Malate Manila 1500.

Highest Paying Jobs: Web Designer and Developer

Highest Paying Jobs Responsibilities:

  • As the Web Designer and Developer, you are responsible for the development of the PowerOn websites, including the architecture, design and encoding. You will also be responsible for making decisions on all of the visual elements of the websites including art, props, colors, and other elements.
  • You will be responsible for the overall production of company website;
  • Create rough sketch drawings to the final computer assisted design, including recommending color schemes;
  • Conduct creative research on projects;
  • Able to produce high quality drawings by hand and also use computer assisted artwork/design software;
  • Ensuring deadlines are met and working effectively under pressure.

Highest Paying Jobs Requirements:

  • At least 3 years employment history as hands-on Web Designer and Developer
  • BS in Fine Arts Degree, Communication Arts or Visual Communication, other artistic degrees will be considered.
  • Highest paying jobs applicant must be willing to work in Makati City, Philippines
  • Preferably 5 yrs experience working as a Web Designer and Developer
  • An in-depth knowledge of appropriate usage of the latest versions of Flash (including ActionScript) PhotoShop, ImageReady, 3d Studiomax, Illustrator, Indesign, Shockwave, Director, Dreamweaver (and other web authoring/motion graphic tools), Macromedia Fireworks, and Freehand is required. Understanding of HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript (rollovers, pop-ups) and the capabilities of web browsers and user interaction are essential.
  • Web highest paying jobs application building experience and knowledge in PHP is a major plus but not a Highest Paying Jobs Requirement.
  • Strong concept development and graphic design ability;
  • Excellent understanding of composition, color, imagery, typography;
  • Strong working experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash and image optimization for web;
  • Experience creating and working with site maps, online ad rich media storyboards, user flow, wireframes, and other information design documents for web sites and online advertising;
  • Experience working with various online ad design specs and online 3D lifelike graphics;
  • Excellent understanding of user experience issues;
  • Preferably with experience creating Web graphics, animations, user interfaces, icons, style sheets, color schemes, templates and layouts for use in online advertising and web site projects, ensuring site- wide color and typeface standards and consistency

Power On International Network Mrktg Corp
Penthouse Alpap 1 Bldg L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Vill Makatii

Power On International Network Mrktg Corp

Power On International Network Marketing Corp., is a Company engaged in business trading of computer software and other technology related products. We are located at the Penthouse, Alpap 1 Bldg, L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.

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