Monday, March 3, 2008

I Grew Up in Gambling

I think one of the major niches that are flourishing in the cyber arena is the gambling world. Casinos, poker, mahjong and others have transgressed the colorful lights of Las Vegas. Pushing you luck against these games has became an unwavering culture throughout the world.

The house always wins! That is a rule that I have been brought up to. Being a child who was born in an urban place where people breathe jueteng (Wikipedia: a local game played which is illegal and played in the Philippines wherein there is a large number of wagers, and there is no limit to the amount of the bet(s). Usually the gambler selects two numbers from 1 through 37, and the winning numbers are determined by selecting a pair of numbers from a set of 37 numbered balls) I have a different look at gambling in general.

I see it as life itself. People literally live on and because of it. Online gambling and online casino is no different from this. There people who live online, and on gambling alone.

While others are so addicted to downloading videos, listening to music, playing an online game 24/7, there are these people who play a different game. And instead of them having programs that run wild, they have online casino sites that make their blood rush free!

I have a different look at gambling because I know it and not because I play it. People fear or hate what they do not know. And if you hate gambling in general, take online casino for instance, maybe you just need to understand it, not necessarily play it. Maybe just for the sake of giving your self some information – and that is something you owe to yourself. On second thought, can actually bet on these words!

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