Monday, March 3, 2008

My Friend Traded His Highest Paying Job

I can’t believe my friend lost his one of his highest paying jobs due to this new addiction that he is into. And I really mean one of his many jobs because he is an internet marketer, internet advertiser and web publisher. That a total of three jobs to boast around!

Anyway, he said that it was an accident on his part to stumble this online casino site, and that he felt a certain clinging on the game the moment he looks upon it. He is not a natural gambler, nor someone who would be easily attracted to the elements of playing with chance and luck. But somehow, the site hit him. And so started his game, not only with cards but with his high paying job as well!

I almost wanted to kill him. This is after I learned that he lost his web publishing job for not being able to put up three websites because he has been playing online casino for quite some time.

He showed me the website, so I went to take a look at it. The site was simple, very casino-like if I may say it, then I noticed these reviews about online casino and I knew that moment, these are the things the invited him. I know him very well and I’m certain how good words can attract him.

Anyway, I was about to go to his house to personally tell him to quit playing until I received an instant message from him saying that he just won big time. Well I just hope he will always win, after all it’s his life that’s at stake.

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