Friday, February 29, 2008

Online casino instead of high paying jobs?

Let’s face it, gambling is anywhere. It is not something the church nor the government and NGOs can deny. They will not anyway, I know in some instance, they earn from it.

Gambling is present everywhere. From the raw and urban streets of a third world country like the Philippines, to a high-end district in China, to the grand casinos of Los Angeles, gambling seeks those who seek wealth and money.

Sometimes, instead people will look for high paying jobs, or any job for that matter, they tend to rely on their so-called luck on gambling.

It takes some degree of immaculate luck or an unexplainable of level of expertise, for you to really win and earn in gambling. I’ve heard stories, and these are not rumors, there are really few people, very few people who found their fortune through gambling. Of course, these are really newsworthy and extraordinary cases. The only thing that is guaranteed is that the house always, and will always win.

In any case if you can’t find a high paying job that you want in this blog, you can try playing casino instead, but first I think you should see an casino online review website. That might help you a little bit.

I once read that certain games in casino can really be studied. Permutations, chances, probability, and numbers – all these terms will ring a bell to a any grade school who hates or likes math. Who knows, if you like math, maybe you have a chance to unlock its secrets – you then quit your high paying job as a mathematician if you know what I mean!

As for me, I’ve only been to a casino three times in my life, and I won quite a few! Lucky me, eh?!

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