Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monster jobs That Rule the Planet: Rank 10-6

Number 10: Therapists
Rating: 77.1

Occupational therapists, physical therapists and other kinds of clinical therapists are among the many monster jobs that many regard highly. They are the foundation of the medical health care system, and thus deserve good compensation. They are actually considered to be some of the highest paying jobs today. Won’t it be satisfying to help and earn at the same time?

Number 9: College Instructors
Rating: 77.3

Some people just love to teach. It is a gift I think. Being a college instructor is one good job that is satisfying because you continually share knowledge and ideas. In turn, you also learn. And there is continual growth of one’s character. This monster job surely keeps the intelligent and patient geeks in their prime!

Number 8: Criminal Investigators & Special Agents
Rating: 77.5

They rock! Ever watched the CSI: New York TV series? Their work is as exciting as it was portrayed in television – or even more. And what comes with the danger of this top monster job? What else but a satisfaction that equates good pay, and good rating.

Number 7: Managers/Supervisors of Animal Husbandry & Animal Care Workers
Rating 78.6

Animals are always interesting, and so the monster jobs that surround them. Supervisors and Managers of Animal Husbandry looks to the “humane appeal” of working with animals. Great satisfaction comes when you have a certain connection with impeccable beings and Mother Nature itself.

Number 6: Educational, Vocational & School Counselors
Rating 78.8

Getting tips and guides as to the career and monster job path that you will choice is crucial yet very interesting. Imagine yourself having a say to the future of many individuals. That is one of the many monster jobs that puts a lot of pressure and responsibility at the same time.

I will feature the monster jobs that ranked 5-1 in terms of satisfaction rating on my next post.

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