Monday, December 24, 2007

High Paying Jobs Series: 3D Artist

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead and Train a team of up to twenty 3D artists in the Makati City Studio producing video game assets
  • Produce detailed character, creature, object, vehicle and environment models, textures and animations
  • Interface with the company US city offices, establish/improve asset pipelines, manage and track all project assets
  • Interview and evaluate prospective artist Job candidates to help grow the studio as needed


  • Master-Level Work skills in 3D Studio MAX 8 & 9, MAYA 8.5, Photoshop and ZBrush
  • Expert-Level Work skill in rigging and animating both characters and objects in 3D Studio MAX and MAYA
  • Excellent digital and traditional drawing / painting Work skills
  • Demonstrated ability to design, model, texture and render characters, vehicles, and environments
  • Must be able to rapidly illustrate concepts based on verbal and written direction
  • High art Work skills in several areas (figure drawing, character design, animation, graphic design, etc).
  • Fine Art Background or 2D/3D Animation Background
  • Ability to quickly iterate on ideas in both drawing and digital form
  • Able to respond elegantly to difficult creative changes, often late in the process
  • Self-Motivated towards solving creative problems
  • Able to create both pencil sketches and fully rendered scenes
  • Ability to create both high and low-resolution game textures and UI/HUD elements
  • Excel as a team player and strive to maximize team/department performance
  • Good organizational, communication, and interpersonal Work skills
  • Ability to prioritize one's own tasks to accommodate a changing and dynamic workload
  • Ability to constructively train and mentor several artists at once
  • Must have at least five years of Job experience producing video game assets
  • Must have worked on at least three shipped video game titles
  • Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure

Job applicants must e-mail their Resumes and job applications, Samples and Portfolios to:

Digital Octane, Inc., Philippines Branch

Digital Octane is a PEZA-Accredited American Company with a Branch City office based in Makati City. Digital Octane develops art assets for videogame studios in the US. Work will involve generating art assets, animations and entire cut scenes for current and next-generation console games.

You will be working out of the company city offices in
Makati City, Manila, the “Wall Street” of the Philippines. Your task there will be to lead a team of up to 20 artists in producing video game assets for clients in the USA on the Nintendo DS & Wii, the Sony PS2 and PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Assets will range from textures to meshes to animation, lighting and more. At times there will also be the opportunity to produce fully-animated cutscenes and other short animations.

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