Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wright vs. Brewer Fight Behind the Scenes

This year has been full of lively sports event particularly in the fighting world. Now that the Cotto vs. Pacquiao match is over, the Wright vs. Brewer fight is something that everybody is looking forward to. Watch Wright vs Brewer Online now.

The match will occur on the 11th of December this year. Ronald Winky Wright who was an ex-champion will take on Grady Brewer.

38 year old Winky Wright is a member of the hall of fame in fighting. He sports a good record with 51 wins, five losses and one draw.

In this record, he has won with 25 knock outs. Among the famous folks he has won over were Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley. In this Wright vs. Brewer fight, Winky Wright will face another wonderful fighter of his generation, Grady Brewer. Don't forget to watch wright vs brewer free online

Known as the Bad Boy, Brewer will be turning 38 years of age on December. He's most renowned for his victory in the second season of the hit show, The Contender.

The Wright vs. Brewer fight is a true headliner with its line of boxers. The middleweight bout will happen in Puerto Rico specifically at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan.

Watch Wright vs Brewer stream information: One can watch the Wright vs. Brewer match live thru pay per view but you may go browsing for it.

The Wright vs. Brewer fight is thought to be the opportunity for the former to get back into the spotlights after his loss over his prior contestant Paul Williams back in Apr. However , professionals believe that Brewer can be the hardest challenger that Wright has to face.

The Wright vs. Brewer match is a thrilling battle so do not miss it. Knockout Entertainment will be supporting the Wright vs. Brewer fight.

Winky Wright is essentially the founder of this institution by the point when he was the undisputed light middleweight champion. The match Wright vs. Brewer is one of the most discussed events which will happen in Puerto Rico as part of the place's official day. Now..

Don't fail to watch the Wright vs. Brewer match on December 11. Digs?

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