Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Jobs 101

I’ve added a new job category, home jobs, and so here is a quick through about that job group.

Home jobs are simply jobs or work that you do right in the comfort of your home. With this, you are clearly employed by a boss or an employer. The only difference is that instead of you traveling every day, going into office from 9am to 6pm, you toil and work right in your own roof!

How’s that sound to you? Good, right?!

This edge of the human resource industry is of course made possible thru the internet. Because of the fast flow of communications, job orders or instructions can easily be transmitted via electronic mail or even an instant message or IM thru countless services available in the free market.

Topping the list on the kinds of home based jobs are writing, editing, and translation. As blogging and web publishing seem to rule online marketing, fast, and enormous numbers of professionals who can write are being hired – included in these are even those who can or only want to work at home.


Payments are usually made available thru online payments systems, paypal, stormcash to name a few. Still, professionalism should be exercised, whether you employed thru an office or thru a virtual industry. One has to exert all of his efforts, exhaust whatever means to come up with the best product that you were asked to – blogs or articles in this case.

Wriiting? Editing? Translations?

Blogs and articles are often ordered thru sites where these services dwell, I will posting more of this sites later on this blog. The flow of work is simple, an employer posts a topic, you respond, they agree, you write, you submit it, you get paid. The process may be altered minimally depending on the host site.

Home based jobs doesn’t stop with writing, editing manuscripts also come in handy, same principle, the subject to work on is either emailed to you, or simply posted free for all, you work on it, you email, they accept, you get paid.

Translations are no different. And thru this one can easily bank on their native tongue – talk about work that needs no diploma, this is one of them!

As this job offers, transactions only happen in the virtual world, basic work ethics and principles still apply. Among them, the strengthening of your credibility, that is one thing that most future and additional employment, project and work opportunities can be based. Therefore, doing a so, so work should be the least of the things you plan to do. Work at your best for in this industry of you home based jobs; your credibility is one thing that will put you a cut above the rest.

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