Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Genpact, Philippines Manager Has One of The Highest Paying Jobs

I don’t know about how much Genpact supervisors and managers are getting in India, but in the Philippines they are the most highly paid in the industry. My snitch in Genpact Human Resources rang me with the details of the salary package of their managers and I must say I was a bit surprised with how much they are getting paid to work and stay in Genpact! Theirs is simply the highest paying jobs for their category in the country.

My source tells me Genpact has made it a point to stay above the HSBC call center salary benchmark to make sure they beat them out in getting good talent. For a mere entry level job in operations, Genpact offers a qualified candidate with a remuneration package totaling to 22,250 pesos gross monthly inclusive of transportation and food allowances. If that is not the highest paying job for a call center, then bite me.

It becomes more desirable for employees in the higher ranks. The benchmark for Genpact Assistant Managers handling a team of agents can receive a salary in the range of 40,000 to 55,000 pesos monthly – the highest paying jobs according to sources. This is much better compared to the 35,000 to 40,000 pesos that their HSBC counterparts receive. Genpact Customer Service Managers get the best compensation in the industry with a salary package of over 100,000 pesos guaranteed. For those too lazy to do some math, Indian Rupees and Philippine Pesos are about the same in value in the currency market. With this said, I wonder how much are Genpact’s managers getting paid in India? It would be a shock if there’s a big difference. Standards of living might play a little part in small differences but I was informed that salaries theoretical should be the same in different Genpact sites.

The sneaky thing about Genpact is they always try to stay above HSBC’s salary benchmark. HSBC, by the way, is practically Genpact’s next door neighbor in location. I wonder if Genpact does the same in India.

*this article, written by Juan dela Cruz originally appeared on another site

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