Sunday, January 13, 2008

Can Any Job Can Be a High Paying Job?

If somebody comes up to you and ask: can any job be a high paying job? What will you say? You surely can answer it easily with a yes or a no, but that answer won’t have any conviction or any slight shade of confidence – the truth is, you don’t have any idea!

The term high is of course relative… the term high paying job is often coined to exclusivity among jobs that are the bluest collar – if you know what I mean. Misconception is that they are mainly those with corporate abbreviation tittles: CEO, VP, EVP! But I beg to differ… I’d say it is simply: YOU!

I remember an old friend whining that his job won’t get him anywhere. He is underpaid, he is overworked and that he is earning the exact antonym of a high paying job. That is the scenario he is in because he allowed it – or at least, he is not doing anything about it. He should be reading this post and if he is, continue reading on bro!

In my many years of working, the highest paying job I know is the head of the company I’m working for. How’s a million or two sound per month?

The catch is, he made his job a high paying job! Getting me? Although the formula as to how he did it isn’t quite simple as one, two, three, now you know! And that is what’s more important. Yes! And Yes! Yes you can! You can make your present job, a high paying job – double the effort, and it can easily be the highest paying job!

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