Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Itching to apply? Are you sure you’re ready?

Job application is not an ordinary task. The nature of the job you are applying for does not really matter. When it comes to presenting your self to the employer, whether online, virtual or in person, standards are standards!

After reading that dream job announcement, you certainly are most excited to apply. You may be itching to send that job application email, or really energized to present your self to the employer or at least human resource officer! Question is: are you really ready to apply?

Being ready for your job application is not as easy as one, two, and three. Since you are currently jobless, chances are, you really aren’t ready.

So how can you make yourself ready? Just read these steps.

First, you have to secure you job applications. This can be in a form of a letter, or a video message since there are company nowadays who are willing to take on this revolutionary way. But to keep it safe, (being safe isn’t wrong, and this is one of the few times that you want to be safe) prepare your written job application. Others might term this is as cover letter, although I would like to argue that there is a slight difference in context, that won’t be the scope of this post. The fact that it is a snail mail or electronic mail won’t change the fact that you have to keep it short and simple. That’s the keyword: K.I.S.S. Keep it short and simple.

Now you may ask what I meant by this. Employers don’t want to read letters, especially long letters. But the absence of it simple denotes your lack of sincerity and formality. And employers don’t want that on their applicants.

If the application is online, chances are, you will have to submit an online form. Fill it up correctly and honestly. Don’t try to impress by giving them wrong details, such as related work experiences and educational background. Also giving them heroic, too noble, very unlikely answers on their short ethical questions won’t get you nowhere near to that job you want.

If it is not an online application, more probably you’ll still have to answer a form right before your interview.

Then here comes the resume issues. Should you impress? Should you tell everything you can? Or should you only stick to those that might help you hired? Opinions on this question can go way longer than the list of unemployed people in third world countries. But least let me say that it is case to case basis. I’ll tackle more of this thing on my succeeding posts, so check them out!

The last but certainly not the least of your concern is the job application rule. Did the company asked you to submit a requirement? Did they ask you to wear this thing during the interview? Did they tell you not to come too early for the interview? These things not only tell if you know how to read instructions, but will also tell most about your character. And second to your qualifications, you’ll probably get hired because of your character.

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